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Thank you for your loyalty!

 We express our gratitude and appreciation to our customers and partners who have supported our success. Thankfully, the impact of the pandemic continues to wane and demand for The Spa Mask had diminished. As a result, we have made the decision to close our store. Thank you for your support! We are grateful for you and wish you good health!

The Spa Mask Specifications &
Instruction Sheet

Executive Summary

Our goal is to design, manufacture and produce a mask design to aid in comfort, protection, and convenience for a user while performing daily activities, particularly when the convenience and comfort of a strapless, no -ear loop mask is desired. This design will support the users within the community when participating in activities where traditional masks with straps/ear loops will interfere with the activity, or in users who have unique traits that interfere with wearing a traditional mask with straps/ear loops. This may include wearers who have congenital abnormalities or assistive devices such as: eyeglasses, sunglasses, or other visual aids, or hearing aids, cochlear implants, or other hearing-assistive devices.


• 95% filter efficiency level, protective barrier for family/community, industrial and non-medical use

• Layers: 5-ply filtration

• Individually-packed, hygienic mask, contoured comfortable fit, no straps/ear loops-no strings attached!

• Designed to support comfort and protection of wearer; captures great majority of airborne particles  allowing you to breathe easier

• Breath comfortably and confidently knowing that you, and those around you, are well protected

• Custom, secure seal with 360-degree latex-free, hypoallergenic, medical-grade adhesive

• Ergonomic to human face, light weight design covers area below bridge of nose, and around the mouth

• Easy to wear and remove, convenient and practical; just peel, stick and go!

• Perfect for salon, spa, barber, commuting, air travel, indoor, outdoor, performance, and any active daily use



1. Remove adhesive tabs only when ready to place The Spa Mask on your face; remove tabs carefully from the bottom

2. When placing The Spa Mask on your face, place the nose clip on the upper portion of the nose/nasal bridge with the adhesive side towards the inside/adhesive side against the face

3. Pull side edges wide onto the cheeks before sticking adhesive against the face

4. Mold nose clip to nasal bridge; do not “pinch” the nose clip

5. After molding the mask to your face, activate the adhesive strips by pressing/rubbing along the edges of the mask

6. Inspect the mask fit for a secure seal; placing your hand over the mask, inhale and exhale, observing for air coming in/out of the mask edges

7. Readjust and press along the mask edges until you feel no air come out from the edges of the mask

8. Remove immediately if difficulty breathing is experienced

9. Discard mask properly after use


This mask has not been evaluated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is not a substitute for N95, surgical or procedural/medical masks. Due to the personal nature of this product, all sales are final.

Please refer to CDC Guidelines for proper use of facial coverings/face masks. These masks are intended for short-term, non-medical usage.

CDC recommends frequent disposal of the used masks to provide maximum safety.

Packaging Options, Storage Conditions

Before use, it is best to protect The Spa Mask from extreme conditions:

  • heat (no > 40°C/104°F),

  • cold (no < 20° C/68°F), &

  • humidity (maintain <80%)

Included in the packages are:

  • Packages of four (4)/$12, ten (10)/$27 (10% discount), twenty-five (25)/$50 (35% discount), one-hundred (100)/$150 (50% discount), and one-thousand (1,000)/$1,250 (60% discount)

  • Personalization/business logo imprinted on The Spa Mask is available as an upgrade; contact for pricing options


Ships the same day (shipping delays may occur which are beyond our control due to COVID-19, weather, or other USPS delays).

Please contact us at for any inquiries, support, or orders larger than packages of 1,000. Average response time is under two hours, including weekends.

Our staff is working hard to fulfill all the orders same-day or next-day. We are working seven days a week to support the community, and our clients, who are in-need of these masks. 


Image of the product(s) below:











Light Grey


Inside/Adhesive Surface:

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