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Thank you for your loyalty!

 We express our gratitude and appreciation to our customers and partners who have supported our success. Thankfully, the impact of the pandemic continues to wane and demand for The Spa Mask had diminished. As a result, we have made the decision to close our store. Thank you for your support! We are grateful for you and wish you good health!


Why The Spa Mask?

Ordinary masks interfere with a salon experience (haircuts, buzz/fade, color, wash and blow/style). This extraordinary solution solves for these issues and offers additional protection and safety, as recommended for community standards. Super-breathable and lightweight, these disposable, strapless masks use 5 layers of protection. The Spa Mask offers filtration (including >95 bioaerosols), beyond what is provided in cloth/fabric, or other disposable masks.

How does it protect me?

The Spa Mask is designed with you in mind.  The mask is compliant with community public health and safety recommendations, including: moisture resistance (non-penetrative to liquids), multiple (5) layers of fabric, snug fit with moldable metal nose-piece, and filtration (described above). It offers protection beyond that which you can get from a simple, cloth/fabric, or other disposable mask. See Clinical Information and Videos for additional details. The 360-degree adhesive provides a better seal and optimizes safety.


How does The Spa Mask stay on?

The adhesive is heat-activated, so rubbing the tabs/adhesive will help it stay in place. No ear-loops, straps or snappy, elastic bands to get in the way. The 360-degree adhesive offers a better seal and requires less rubbing to activate adhesive.


Will the adhesive cause irritation or damage skin?

The light adhesive is made out of latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive materials. Gently peel the adhesive tabs from your face to remove. No skin breakdown has been reported.


Can I reuse The Spa Mask?

The Spa Mask is designed as a disposable, single use product. For health and safety purposes, it is best to discard masks after use to prevent recontamination. Some clients have reported that it may be effective for multiple uses. Just save and reapply the paper tabs for reuse.


Can I store The Spa Mask in my car?

It is best NOT to store The Spa Mask in your car. The adhesive works best when protected from extreme conditions: heat (no > 40°C/104°F), cold (no < 20° C/68°F), & humidity (maintain <80%).


Who should not use The Spa Mask?

People who experience trouble breathing while wearing the mask, should remove it immediately and consult their Healthcare Provider for further guidance.

NOTE: This mask has not been evaluated by the CDC or the FDA and is not a substitute for N95, surgical or medical/procedural masks. Due to the personal nature of this product, all sales are final.

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