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Thank you for your loyalty!

 We express our gratitude and appreciation to our customers and partners who have supported our success. Thankfully, the impact of the pandemic continues to wane and demand for The Spa Mask had diminished. As a result, we have made the decision to close our store. Thank you for your support! We are grateful for you and wish you good health!

Full-adhesive Spa Mask featuring a 360-degree adhesive seal to optimize safety.
Available in
light grey and black
  • NO Mess

  • NO Ear loops

  • Disposable

  • Just Peel, Stick & Go!

"This mask is a game changer!"

Check out The Spa Mask on Drive

"South Florida designers make creative face masks"

#Scrap the Strap

Extraordinary Strapless Solution

"My Stylist appreciated no mask interference"


Convenient and comfortable

"Easy to breathe"

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